Problems ALEX Solves

ALEX helps your employees make better benefits decisions

Using a proven formula of behavioral science, straightforward language, and well-placed humor, ALEX helps your employees truly understand their benefits and make smarter, more cost-effective choices.

  • Before open enrollment, ALEX gives a sneak peek into benefits changes and reminds employees about important deadlines
  • During open enrollment, ALEX offers robust, personalized guidance about which health plan to choose, and how much to save in retirement and tax-savings accounts
  • All year long, ALEX helps you provide a more helpful and less time-consuming onboarding experience to new hires
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“Coming from someone who knows NOTHING about benefits this has cleared up a lot of questions.”

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ALEX saves your employees and your company serious money

ALEX shows employees exactly how much they’ll save when they make the right plan decisions and the right contributions to their FSAs, HSAs, and retirement accounts. Because ALEX explains these separate benefits clearly and holistically, employees are empowered to make better financial choices than their peers—which saves you money on premium costs and payroll taxes.

  • Last year, ALEX users said they’d contribute an average of:
    • $2,620 to their HSAs, 36% above the national average of $1,921*
    • 11.2% of their pay to their 401(k), 65% above the national average of 6.8%**
  • ALEX users’ HSA, FSA, and 401(K) contributions saved them a cool $312 million, and created $79 million in payroll tax savings for their employers
*Source: 2017 Devenir end-of-year report **Source: 2017 Vanguard data
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“So glad I did this. HSA always scared me in the past and we didn’t get good information on it. This was a great asset and made me understand how it can save me money in my situation.”

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With help from ALEX, your team might actually take a vacation this year

Your employees can get expert, personalized benefits guidance from ALEX anywhere, any time, freeing up your team to focus on other work (or take a much-needed break).

  • ALEX reduces (or eliminates) the need for benefits meetings and guides, saving you money on travel, printing, and shipping
  • ALEX relieves you from answering the same basic benefits questions over and over—especially “which plan should I choose?”
person with a cat on their head saying oh that makes sense

“Since there is no longer a need to repeat the same benefit information multiple times, we now have an opportunity to focus on other daily tasks and projects.”

-T.Love, Benefits Specialist, Loyola University Chicago

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ALEX shows off your awesome benefits, you attract and keep the best people

By giving employees clear, personalized, bottom-line-focused guidance, ALEX helps you communicate the true value of your benefits offerings, and shows your people how much you’ll invest to keep them on your team.

  • 76% of employees who like their company’s benefits communications… like their benefits. On the flip side, if they think those communications are bogus… only 6% like their benefits.
  • ALEX helps recruiting teams clearly communicate the value of your company’s benefits to in-demand candidates weighing their options
  • ALEX helps your HR and total rewards teams highlight your company’s benefits to new hires and long-term employees, giving them another reason to stay
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“I LOVE this new way to be informed about our options. So simple and easy to follow, and helps you make the right decision for your situation. Awesome job with Alex! Great addition!”

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