Case Study | New Belgium

How New Belgium Brewing Explained Their New HDHP to Their Remote Workers


Food & Beverage


638 benefits-eligible employees


PPO (2), and HDHP with HSA

Thanks to ALEX:

  • New Belgium’s onsite and remote employees received unusually helpful decision support about the company’s new HDHP
  • 94% of surveyed employees found ALEX’s medical insurance module to be helpful
  • Employees and their families visited ALEX 434 unique times by the end of open enrollment—even though ALEX had originally been brought in for use by just 231 remote coworkers

The Problem:

New Belgium Brewing’s HR team needed an effective way to provide personalized benefits education to their remote worker population (231 of 638 employees, or 36% of the workforce). Although the growing company covers 100% of health insurance premiums for employees, its benefits team knew that education and decision support would be vital for those facing important health insurance choices, including the option to enroll in a new HDHP with HSA that was being rolled out.

The Plan:

With ALEX, accessible anytime and anywhere by employees and their families alike, the New Belgium benefits team could effectively communicate the new plan and other enrollment options to their remote coworker population.

The Outcome:

Benefits communication through ALEX not only reached the remote population of New Belgium Brewing Company, but also engaged their onsite coworkers well, with 434 visits to ALEX by the end of the enrollment period. And 94% of surveyed employees found ALEX’s medical insurance module to be helpful.

“ALEX helps my coworkers digest all the information we’re throwing at them so they can be better informed about the benefits they’ll be using. It’s a really cool product—I just love that little guy.”

Evie Tyrrell

Benefits Steward; New Belgium Brewing Company

“Our broker partner introduced us to ALEX, and we thought it would be great for our off-site sales force. As it turns out, the whole company ended up using it. People were talking to ALEX and telling their coworkers about their experiences—the whole thing just took off.”

Evie Tyrrell

Benefits Steward; New Belgium Brewing Company

“This is the best benefits tutorial I have ever seen.”

Employee, New Belgium Brewing Company

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