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Medtronic and the Endeavor to Grab Employee Attention


Health Care


26,000 US-based, benefits-eligible employees



Thanks to ALEX:

  • 90% of Medtronic employees used ALEX and received a personalized benefits recommendation
  • 97% of surveyed employees found ALEX’s medical module to be helpful

The Problem:

Medtronic’s problem was threefold: 1) Corporate jargon and insurance-speak were muddying employee understanding of their benefits, 2) Benefits team reps had to travel to each facility and shut down the production line for enrollment meetings, 3) Spouses, partners, and family members were missing out on important benefits information.

The Plan:

Medtronic thought ALEX’s jargon-free language and sense of humor could help their employees and families better understand their options and make smarter benefits decisions. They also hoped ALEX’s one-on-one help could cut down on their benefits-team’s travels.

The Outcome:

ALEX had 23,000 unique users, which is 90% of Medtronic’s employees. The benefits team was able to cut down on travel costs and no longer needed to close down production lines for benefits meetings. ALEX reached spouses, partners, and family members to include them in the benefits conversation.

“There is no way we could reach all those people during open enrollment if we did it in person.”

Amy Johnson

Principal Benefits Analyst, Medtronic

“Hats off to Medtronic for providing employees with a simple, easy-to-use tool.”

Employee, Medtronic

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