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Best Buy’s Path to a Better Leave of Absence Experience




50,000 eligible employees

Thanks to ALEX:

  • 93% of surveyed employees said they understood the leave process better, and 86% of them found the ALEX LOA experience helpful
  • More than 2,000 Best Buy employees better understood how and when they’d get paid while on leave, and where that pay would come from (company pay, short-term disability, state disability, or a combination of the three)
  • Employees were equipped to ask better questions during their one-on-one calls with their Accenture case workers

The Problem:

Best Buy knew their leave of absence communications were lacking. Most employees didn’t fully understand when or how they’d get paid if they needed to take time off. They were confused by the LOA materials Best Buy provided—or they just didn’t read them. With an average of 10,000 employees taking leave each year, this meant the leave team at Best Buy had to spend considerable time working one-on-one with employees to answer basic questions and correct misunderstandings.

The Plan:

Best Buy had experienced tremendous success with ALEX Benefits Counselor, so they decided to try ALEX on Leave of Absence—or ALEX LOA. Employees were already familiar with the intuitive, conversational approach of ALEX software. Also, the personalized guidance ALEX offered each employee about their leave situation could alleviate their anxiety and confusion. Best Buy placed a banner for ALEX LOA front and center on their intranet to drive employees to the software. They hoped that, after talking with ALEX, employees would be less perplexed and more empowered to ask specific, informed follow-up questions.

The Solution:

Employees that spoke to ALEX got a better understanding of how to navigate the various elements of their leave—what paperwork they needed to fill out, what payments would be coming from where, and for how long. They were less confused and more prepared for the follow-up meetings with their Accenture case workers. On top of that, the Best Buy leave team significantly reduced the amount of time they spent answering basic questions and correcting misunderstandings, which gave them more time to focus on bigger picture projects—and reassured them that employees across the country were getting accurate guidance on the specific company and state policies that affected them.

“ALEX has movement, video, and language that’s not so formal and keeps people interested. That’s why our employees are seeing value, because they’re actually going through the tool, as opposed to seeing a bunch of writing on a page and saying, ‘I’m not going to touch that.’”

“We need to help people with this complex area of state pay versus company pay versus short-term disability pay. If someone were to go without pay for 3 weeks, that can impact their family. Now, with ALEX, we can help people going on leave feel confident about how and when they’re getting paid.”

Susan Wessin-Cradle

Senior Manager, Employee Services; Best Buy

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